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                          Below are bands that Gary has worked with either as Producer or Writer. *

 The Clique: (1969) Gary produced their album along with Tommy James. He also penned the following songs.

My Darkest Hour (Bottler/Zekley) Hallelujah (Bottler/Manns/Zekley) Judy, Judy, Judy (Bottler/Zekley)

Little Miss Lucy (Bottler/Zekley) (There Ain't) No Such Thing as Love (Baskin/Bottler/Twain/Zekley)

Superman (Bottler/Zekley)


 Elephant Candy: 1968 Gary Also Produced this album.

Sadie (Bottler/Zekley)  Grooviest Girl in the World (Bottler/Zekley) Close to Carmel (Bottler/Zekley)

 Elephant Candy (Bottler/Zekley) Topanga Canyon Road (Bottler/Zekley) Tuesday, Tuesday (Bottler/Zekley)

Gotta Say Goodbye (Bottler/Zekley)


 Jan and Dean: Gary started out with Jan and Dean in the early sixties. Yellow Balloon was originally written for "Save for a Rainy Day" album, by them. They did record it, however Gary formed his own band to record it himself.

 The Restless Surfer (Zekley)  Like a Summer Rain (Dean/Zekley)


The Grassroots:

 I'd Wait a Million Years    Sooner or Later (Bottler/McNamara/Paris/Paris/Zekley)

* Please read the "Yellow Balloon Story" to find out more about Gary Zekley. 

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